Alley Paste

$24.95 inc GST

Alley Paste is a pliable, flexible-hold paste with a matte finish. It’s up for anything: Add definition and shape to curly or straight hair. Separate and piece for edgier looks.



Kusco-Murphy’s Alley Paste is a versatile texturizing cream that redefines pre-existing concepts of hair texture, shape and form.
Designed specifically for styling ease; this product allows you to define, separate, piece and control strands and curls for creating humidity defying, texturized and well-defined styles that will not stiffen or flake, or leave a sticky residue in hair. Perfect for taming wild manes.
Strengthening and creating elasticity in hair structure, this suave yet subtle styling paste adds body, shine and shape to all hair types and styles. A pliable paste that introduces flexibility to your style, holding and smoothing fly-away hair yet leaving it with the freedom to move. Deceptively sweet, with a frangipani scent, Alley Pastecreates styles full of attitude with a sexy matte finish.
This product utilizes a revolutionary two phase drying system in which product initially begins setting quickly in hair, giving required styling hold; then slowing to maintain styling flexibility, allowing you to shape and form.
Application: For more natural styles with a softer hold and shine, only apply small amounts. For further hold and texture keep working product into scalp and ends, piecing and separating strands or curls with fingers until you reach styling satisfaction. Alley Paste will adhere to your personal requirements, intensifying its properties as more product is added.