Beach Hair

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Complete your Beach Hair vacation with this blissful texture crème. Medium hold, lasting volume and a tropical aroma derived from pure essential oils, crushed bamboo, bergamot, and coconut.

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Kusco-Murphy brings the beach to your hair. This unique product gives hair texture and body while filling the hair with the euphoric and exotic essences of tropical bliss.

A product to recreate the sexy and sensuous “just been to the beach” look, any day of the year.

This product incorporates crushed bamboo, bergamot and coconut to form and separate hair to give lasting body to modern styles, while providing a tropical beach sensation for your senses and hair.

“Beach Hair” may be used on damp or dry hair to create messy sexy hair with the added benefit of essential oils. This product is non-photosensitising.

Recommended for: All hair types and styles.

Application: Style hair as you would do normally. Once dry, apply a small amount to your hand and scrunch into mid-lengths of hair with your fingers until the product dries (about 5 seconds.) Do not concentrate application in the roots of hair, rather focus on the mid-lengths and ends for sexy beach hair. You will feel at once that your hair has more strength. Keep moulding until you have the desired effect, rubbing the ends leaves a soft textured effect.

The more “Beach Hair” you apply, the stronger the hold.