Lavender Crème

$25.50 inc GST

Lavender Crème is a soft, multi-purpose, lavender-infused pomade that adds moisture and balance to all hair types.



Kusco-Murphy’s Lavender Hair Creme is a light pomade to be used wet or dry.

It will promote curl on wet hair and will de-frizz when scrunching. Adds moisture to curly hair. The setting properties allow the hair to move but stay in place.

Using a small amount on the ends is the best way to achieve texture. Using a large amount will give hair a slick look.

Kusco-Murphy’s Lavender Creme is water soluble so can be rinsed out in water.

Recommended For: All hair types depending on the desired look to be achieved. Particularly good for curly hair.

Application: Place a small amount on towel dried hair and dry with dryer or diffuser to make frizz free curls. For straight styles apply a small amount to dry hair to give straight hair more texture.