‘O’ssential Rinse

$25.95 inc GST

The perfect compliment to O’ssential Wash, the O’ssential Rinse is a luscious, moisturizing botanical conditioner that nurtures and replenishes vitamins and proteins to chemically and environmentally stressed hair.


Kusco-Murphy’s ‘O’ssential Rinse is a soothing and moisturizing rinse that enables you to relax your hair and body while pampering the soul. Enriched with Cocoa Butter to smooth and soothe hair cuticles and Essential Oil of Ylang Ylang to restore and retain moisture in your hair.

A botanical bouquet combination of Essential Oils and Extracts to actively treat and nurture damaged hair.

Kusco-Murphy’s ‘O’ssential Rinse is SLS/SLES free.

Recommended for: All hair types. Especially for hair which is exhausted by chemical and environmental stress.

Directions: Simply apply to wet hair, work through, leave for as long as possible, then rinse with water.

For best results, follow with Kusco-Murphy ‘O’ssential Revival Balm.