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Alley Paste

$24.95 inc GST

Alley Paste is a pliable, flexible-hold paste with a matte finish. It’s up for anything: Add definition and shape to curly or straight hair. Separate and piece for edgier looks.

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Beach Hair

$24.95 inc GST

Complete your Beach Hair vacation with this blissful texture crème. Medium hold, lasting volume and a tropical aroma derived from pure essential oils, crushed bamboo, bergamot, and coconut.

Bedroom Hair

$24.95 inc GST

This product makes us blush a little. We were going for that sexy, roll-in-the-hay hair. You know: effortless, voluminous, light hold – that “I am especially happy and confident today” type of hair product.

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Bee Waxed

$29.95 inc GST


Bee Waxed is our strongest hold wax. Like, really strong. Tough enough for your mustache or beard. Stubborn enough to hold dreadlocks and braids in place. And it will even help out with taming flyaways and baby hairs. Oh, and it’s a matte finish for effortless cool.

Lavender Crème

$25.50 inc GST

Lavender Crème is a soft, multi-purpose, lavender-infused pomade that adds moisture and balance to all hair types.

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Setting Lotion

$21.95 inc GST

Setting Lotion is a volumising, shine spray with no-build up. It has a strong hold great for use in curl sets or to keep hair straight when blow drying – so you can forget about a crunchy aerosol or hair spray.

Tart Hair

$24.95 inc GST

Gels have a bad rep. We know. That’s why we created Tart Hair, a workable gel-in-a-jar that isn’t scary. Nothing crunchy or sticky – seriously.  Just pure Australian botanicals,